AllicinMax Cream

Allimed® is where it all began...

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...and to this day, it is the most incredible natural supplement we have ever discovered. Allimed was developed in 2003 by a team of scientists led by Dr. Ronald Cutler, an infectious disease specialist and a professor at the University of London. Through a proprietary process, garlic's natural, proven anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties were harnessed, stabilized and greatly amplified for the very first time.

Our eyes were opened to the fact that nutrition doesn't solve every problem when several members of the OHUSA family were stricken with a terrible and highly-contagious illness in 2006. Then we discovered Allimed and we've been symptom-free ever since.

A decade later, we're extremely proud to say we've put Allimed in the hands of thousands of people in situations similar to what we experienced.

──────── SOME FACTS ────────

Allimed is the most potent and bio-available form of Allisure® in the world, twice as strong as AlliUltra® and three times as strong as Allimax®. It is completely against everything we believe in to dilute our products in any way. We settle for nothing short of serving you the strongest Allisure supplement available at the lowest prices possible.

Including Allimed Gel, Optimal Health USA offers Allimed to you in four different varieties:

Allimed Liquid Allimed Capsules Allimed Gel
  • Liquid
        • the strongest form of Allimed available
        • serving size = 6 drops (approx. 600 drops per 30 ml)
        • 1 drop provides 0.0375 ml of Allisure AC-23 standardized allicin liquidium
        • can be used orally and in some cases topically, but we recommend the cream or gel for topical applications as the liquid can leave an uncomfortable burning sensation
        • liquid does give you "garlic breath," but it does not linger as long as eating garlic would
        • depending on your tolerance to spicy food, you may find the liquid to be mildly spicy
        • composed of liquid Allimed in a distilled water base with no chemicals, additives or preservatives
        • must be refrigerated
      • Capsules
        • more convenient than liquid, great for traveling
        • each 100% vegetarian capsule contains approx. 450 mg of stabilized allicin in malto-dextrin powder with no chemicals, additives or fillers
        • while capsules do have a hint of garlic taste, they do not leave "garlic breath"
        • no need for refrigeration
      • AllicinMax Cream
        • for affected areas of the skin that are closed and unbroken
        • for external use only, avoid contact with eyes
        • dermatologically tested
        • not tested on animals
        • additional ingredients: cetostearyl alchohol, sodium lauyl sulphate, liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin, phenoxythanol, purified water
        • must be refrigerated
      • Gel
        • formulated for open wounds, sores and otherwise very irritated or broken skin
        • for external use only, avoid contact with eyes
        • dermatologically tested
        • not tested on animals
        • additional ingredients: purified water, glycerin, aloe, barbadensis, dehydroxanthan gum, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, citric acid, sodium ascorbyl phosphate
        • must be refrigerated

      ──────── MORE FACTS ────────

      Allimed liquid is more potent and cost-effective than capsules, but many find that the convenience and ease of consumption more than make up for this. Here is a little chart depicting the Allisure ratio of liquid to capsules:

      1 oz. Liquid = 72 Capsules

      2 oz. Liquid = 144 Capsules

      4 oz. Liquid = 288 Capsules

      8 oz. Liquid = 576 Capsules


      *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose,
      treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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