Our Story

We are Optimal Health USA and health is our utmost passion and priority. Everything began in 1995 when we came together with the realization that our diets of processed foods were ruining our health and that nature held the keys for not only living, but thriving!

In the early days, we researched nutritional supplements for our own use and distributed the products we found to be effective. Things went smoothly for almost a decade, and our new lifestyles were well worth the sacrifices of fast food and soda.

Everything changed in 2006. One of our own became very ill and before we knew what hit us, several others came down with it as well. It was a hard, fast lesson that nutrition wasn't the answer to every problem.

We fully endorse our Medical System, and we always encourage our clients to include their doctors in the process. In our case, however, we followed through with everything they recommended to us and nothing worked.

Those were hard days, we were desperate and time was running out. That was when we found Allimed, a new, natural substance that harnessed the proven medicinal properties of garlic. We are so glad we did!

Since then, we've personally experienced a stunning array of other terrible illnesses and conditions, and we invite you to experience the results of what we've learned through our struggles and our victories.