Customer's Reviews

 September 20, 2016
I use this as my primary antibiotic to treat chronic Lyme disease. It is the only thing I have found works without compromising my quality of life. Allimed is powerful stuff, expect a strong herxheimer reaction during the first few days of use, then you should start to feel better!
 August 1, 2016
I am on my second bottle and very satisfied. I used Allimed for SIBO and see results!
October 9, 2015
This product is the reason I am alive today. My immune system was destroyed by doctors decades ago when they thought massive amounts of tetracycline was the way to cure Hidradenitis suppurativa (an extremely rare autoimmune disease). Whenever I have a flare up or catch a bug from someone else, I up my daily dosage of Allimed until I get better. Mostly I take 1/2 tsp. of Allimed liquid per day every day for maintenance and 1-3 a day when I have immune problems. There appears to be no side effects and the product really works, at least for me. I just wish my American doctors would get with the program and prescribe this so my insurance would pick up some of the costs.
In many overseas hospitals Allimed is used extensively, it's only American doctors that pretty much refuse to use it. I am super glad I found out about Allimed through tons of research. It has changed my life for the BETTER and for this I am super excited and wildly grateful.
December 15, 2016
Allimed is a lifesaver, literally. I was plagued by recurrent vicious UTIs, which I seem to have finally kicked using this and Interfase Plus. If a bacterial infection comes on, three a day will clear it up as well as antibiotics, but without the nasty ruining-my-metabolism side effects that antibiotics have on me. I've continued to take one capsule before bed as a maintenance dose, along with a few other natural antibiotics (monolaurin, berberine, neem), and in addition to remaining UTI-free for a year now, I'm rarely sick for more than a day or two overall. My blood pressure had been creeping up, but now it's back down to normal for me.
September 21, 2016
Allimed is the best overall value for the Peter Josling formulation of stabilized Allicin. I don't trust any other brands to maintain their stability or potency and act as anything but placebo. Since using Allimed, I haven't had a cold or been to a doctor for any ailment whatsoever in over 5 years. Before using these, I would have terrible colds with long coughing fits every year at around the same time. If people ever find out how life-saving and amazing this simple product made from good old garlic is, over half the charlatan "doctors" in the pharmaceutical-drug-pushing medical-establishment racket will be either unemployed, making a fraction of the salaries they made before, or running for their lives.
Bottom line: You cannot afford to be without Allimed.