Morgellons and Lyme Protocol

Morgellons or Lyme Disease
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Allimed Stabilized Allicin

Destroys Lyme bacteria

Opaline Dry Oxy

Breaks up nanotechnology internally and can be used topically on Morgellons sores.

Happy Tummy Digestive Cleanse

Pulls nanotechnology parasites from intestine where Morgellons self replicates.

Vitamineral Green

Nutrient rich super green food with probitoics.
Helps rebuild immune system, chelates heavy metals and detoxifies the whole system.

Vitamineral Earth 

A powerful, nourishing, healing, and regenerative superfood. Earth nutritionally supports blood sugar, colon, detoxification, and the immune system.

Truly Natural Vitamin C

Destroys nano-viruses, bacteria and fungal infections.
Supports immune system and detoxification of the whole body.


Helps prevent unwanted cellular growth. Rebuilds immune system while supporting the healing process.

Energy Boost 70 Fulvic Acid Minerals

Chelates heavy metals, supports immune system and supplies natural liquid minerals.

Monolaurin from Coconut 

Destorys viruses, fungus and bacteria.
Can be used internally and topically for Morgellons sores for faster healing and pain relief.

PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil

Can be used topically on sores for exfoliation of artificial scabs.

Silver Boost Colloidal Silver

Helps to destroy parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections.


Morgellons Protocol

Some products will be mentioned by name because they are the products that I trust since I have used them and have had great success. Some of the products that I mention are recommended by Dr. Staninger who has helped many recover from Morgellons.

Remember, the goal is to break the internal cycle of synthetic biology or nanotechnology self-replication. Nano self- replicates rapidly and this is why it is so difficult to recover from Morgellons. The Nano colony starts in the intestine and spreads from there throughout the body. Intestinal health is top priority. Once the colony is weakened, you will find yourself feeling better and winning the battle. Diligence is the key!


  • Far Infrared 1 hr. daily - Helps the body to push out fibers and silicone biofilm. (The sauna is best and will give the fastest results since it covers the whole body - The pad is good for traveling etc. However will only help a single area at a time. Must be used all over the body to get results needed)
  • HS Lion MHV-1 Magnetic Harmonic Vortex Therapy for detoxification and cellular regeneration: Magnetic high frequency vibrating unit. Dislodges fibers and other nano technology particles from the body and disorganizes the self-assembling synthetic biology. Releases heavy metals and other environmental toxins. Specific supplements are needed to allow these particles to attach to the molecules and not reattach to the body. (Must be used as directed to achieve the best results)
  • Topical Products *Oxygenated Olive Oil -

Kleen Green Enzymes (Baths and topical only. Avoid getting into eyes) When these are used on skin while in the sauna, you may see various particles coming out from your skin. Soak in baths with: Opaline Dry Oxy Granules - Borax, Baking Soda and Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

  • *Opaline Dry Oxy Caps Breaks up nano toxins. 9-15 daily (Build up slowly to avoid rapid detox)
  • *Happy Tummy Cleanses the digestive system and pulls out nano toxins. (Use for 10 days - Consume fresh foods - Eat lightly, no meat or heavy carbs - Drink 1 gal. distilled water daily). Consistent colon cleansing is very important to recover. My focus on colon health was a key to my recovery.

        *Monolaurin  Can be used topical to help sores heal and internally for combating nano-viruses or nano-technology.    

  • Home Colonic Once a week until improvement was made and then twice a month along with continual use of Happy Tummy digestive cleanse. I purchased a home colonic kit.
  • Digestive enzymes Dissolves the silicone biofilm where the fibers replicate.(Must have Protease, Papin, Lipase,Cellulase and Amylase. Use on empty stomach 2 hrs. before food 2 x daily or more - Use with every meal & snacks. I used a ton of enzymes and it really helped my progress
  • Probiotics - Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics or Primal Defense by Garden of Life.


Dietary Support

  • Fresh organic juices Daily juice a varity of Carrot, Beet, Ginger, Apple, Celery, Red and green cabbage, Bell Peppers, along with a bundle of Cilantro.
  • Superfood smoothies *Vitamineral Green, Mangosteen, Goji, Maca, Bilberry, powder mixed with pomegranate juice, kale, dandelion, spinach, chard or other greens.
  • Nutritional Supplement Support  MSM, *Vitamineral Green, *Monolaurin , Opaline Oxygen, Raw daily multi-vitamin, Green Superfood 3-4 x daily, Glyconurients, Krill Oil, Fulvic Acid, Allimed - stable allicin, NAC, Coconut oil, Bromelain/Quercetin. I used these daily,
  • Daily Diet Organic foods, salads (with homemade dressing), rice (avoid white rice), 3-4 eggs daily, fruit, veggies, good quality meat such as buffalo, wild caught fish, and chicken. No sugar, gluten or junk food in any form. Healthy snacks only, such as nuts. I do have dairy in the form of a little cheese, unsweetened yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, but no milk. Coconut milk or almond milk with homemade granola. Coconut, olive, avocado, oils only for cooking, NO vegetable, corn or canola oil.


  • Heavy Metal Chelation Chlorella, Cilantro, Chlorophyll - these are great ways to chelate heavy metals. Modified Citrus Pectin (NOW), ALA (NOW), Zeolite (HealthForce), Energy Boost 70 Fulvic Acid Minerals from Morningstar. All of these are effective supplements for heavy metals chelation.
  • Digestive Detox See above for more info listed under Essential
  • French Green Clay - Use food grade only. Excellent for radiation and other environmental detoxfication.
  • Thieves oil: 2 drops diluted with about a teaspoon of water and mixed them with salt water along with liquid MSM for cleansing styrene/nano fibers & goo from my ears and nose.
  • Living Environment: I didn't do any extra cleaning or anything else as some do. I only focused on my internal and external health. Keeping stress level low was very important for me otherwise I relapsed quickly.

Consistency was the key for my recovery and if I backed off of my daily routine it definitely slowed down my progress.

After a 1-2 year battle of severe morgellons symptoms, I am now completely free of any signs of morgellons.  God bless us all.