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with ALLISURE®, The Only Stabilized Allicin
Optimal Health USA  
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strength stabilized allicin ALLISURE®
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Retail Price  :   $75.00 ea.
Our Price    :   $65.00 ea.
You Save     $10.00
Allimed Cream & Gel with ALLISURE®
Allimed Liquid 450mg ALLISURE®(per 6 drops from glass dropper)
1 tsp. of Allimed liquid equals 12 Allimed capsules
60 ct.  ......$ 90.00
100 ct. ......$130.00
200 ct. ......$250.00
300 ct. ......$330.00
Retail Price $130 per oz regardless of size
Our Prices:
1 oz.....$ 80.00
2 oz....$130.00
4 oz....$220.00
8 oz....$360.00
16 oz..$640.00
You Save $50.00-$619.20 depending on size
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Allimed Capsules 450 mg
12 capsules equal 1 tsp. of Allimed Liquid
100 capsules provide an 8 day supply using 12 capsule daily
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    Wholesale pricing is available
    for Doctors, Medical and
    Natural Health Professionals.
Allimed Conversion Chart
Allimed Liquid to Allimed Capsules
1 oz. Liquid = 72 Capsules                     
2 oz. Liquid = 144 Capsules     
4 oz. Liquid = 288 Capsules   
8 oz. Liquid = 576 Capsules
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Allimed is the most cost effective way to use
ALLISURE® products.